Minimum age: By ordering a skip through our website you agree that you are at least 18 years of age.

Refunds: We can only issue refunds 24 hrs before the skip has been delivered, after which no refund can be given.

Cancellations: A skip order must be cancelled 24 hours before the delivery date in order for a full refund to be given.

The hirer must read the delivery note given to them by the driver and sign it to confirm they accept all terms of hire listed on the note. This includes agreeing not to place any prohibited waste in the skip.

  1. The hirer is responsible for all damage done to the skip during the hire period. We do not allow hirers to set our skips alight in order to burn waste. Skips should not be moved or otherwise have their position altered after delivery has taken place.
  2. The skip must be paid for, before or on delivery. A surcharge of £15+vat is applicable if this condition is not met.
  3. If the driver is forced to wait more than 15 minutes during delivery/collection then the hirer is liable to a charge of £20+vat per every 15 minutes thereafter.
  4. If for any reason the agreed delivery location is inaccessible to the driver e.g. car in the way, gate locked etc. Then the hirer will be subject to a minimum surcharge of £50+vat for a wasted journey.
  5. We reserve the right for our drivers to remove waste from the top of a skip if it is not level/safe, in order to protect other road users, our business and our driver’s licences.
  6. The waste content of 10 yard and 14 yard skips are subject to a 1.5 tonne weight limit. If they exceed this at the weighbridge then there is an automatic surcharge of £213+vat per extra ton. e.g. 1.6 tonne would incur a charge of 0.1x£213+vat which comes to £25.56. This payment will automatically be deducted from the hirer’s credit/debit card details which we keep on file for the duration of hire.
  7. Please do not include batteries, hazardous materials, paint cans, gas bottles, aerosols, electrical items (such as TV’s, printers, toasters, computers) white goods (such as fridges/freezers, dishwashers, tumble dryers), oil drums, tyres, plasterboard, clay, chalk, tarmac, tree stumps or turf (additional charges will apply). There will be a charge for a mattress contained in any skip. BATTERY SAFETY: Batteries should not be placed in any skip as they have the potential to spark and cause a serious fire.
  8.  No sofas, sofa beds, armchairs, kitchen and dining room stools, stools and foot stools, home office chairs, futons, bean bags, floor and sofa cushions. Also any part made of or containing leather, synthetic leather, other fabric or foam.